How to Eat Sushi?

Chopsticks or Hands?

Rather than fumbling with your chopsticks, trying to figure out the special sushi expert grip, here's a couple of tips: first, throw the chopsticks over your shoulder. Second, pick up the sushi with your fingers. Yes that's right, sushi is meant to be eaten with your bare hands.

How to Dip

Now head for your soy mix. Careful now—this is another potential trap. Here in the west we generally dunk our sushi rice first. Then we wonder why our pieces fall apart on the way to our mouths, leaving a trail of black specks along the front of our shirts as we make a final desperate lunge before the piece falls apart. The sushi master knows to dip his sushi fish-first, complementing the taste much better and saving on the dry cleaning bill.

Open Wide!

Now into the mouth. Good. Wait! No! You were doing so well! Right up to the point where you bit half of the piece and put it back on your plate. This is the Japanese equivalent of double dipping and is considered, well, gross. You have been exposed as the amateur you are. The good thing is that you get to try again. And again and again, until you get it right.